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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 28, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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jim harbaugh coached the 49ers for the last time today. after today's game.the organization announced it has mutually agreed to part ways with harbaugh. we have team coverage on the big story tonight. kron-4's scott rate is in santa clara with reaction from harbaugh and the fans. but first executive sports producer jason appelbaum is here with the details. >>jason applebaum: we can put to rest the greatest secret in sports. he is out after four seasons with the team, jim harbaugh. the announcement did
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not come till after the game which was kind of awkward having to tap dance around the game an issue. harbaugh is news, france was very awkward.
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the car by era is over in san francisco despite all of his success with the forty-niners. >>jason applebaum: i think the issue goes a long before the rain the donald issue. we heard rumors earlier this year about how all 49ers want to trade harbaugh. >>vicki liviakis: it's been reported that harbaugh will go back to college football possibly with michigan. is that a done deal? >>jason applebaum: if you believe what you're hearing the may announcement on tuesday though this is not for sure. he
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may be better suited for the college ranks. harbaugh has not lasted anywhere longer than four years so we will see in the future. >>vicki liviakis: we're having some technical difficulties if you haven't figured that out yet. we're having problems getting their video. >>jason applebaum:he and his staff restored a winning culture that has been the standard for our franchise throughout its history. their commitment and hard work resulted in a period of success that should be looked back on proudly by our organization. that was from jed york earlier.
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>>vicki liviakis: we are following your reaction to the harbaugh led go on social media . >>: juanita on social media is surprising wishes coach hardball the best. >>vicki liviakis: we will get over the technical difficulties as soon as we can.
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kron-4's scott rates has been in santa clara all day.and has reaction from the coach, the quarterback. and the fans. >>brian van aken: we will see another night tonight we're we will have temperatures close to freezing going into monday morning with the coldest temperatures just around sunrise. we have had sunshine the entire weekend the temperatures have been called. notice some low clouds beginning to develop along the coast and it will push into the bay into some of the inland valleys. this might lower all the way down to the ground limiting visibility for the morning commute.
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temperatures or on the cool side despite this sunshine in the mid to upper 50s although some places had the '60s. these temperatures will continue to cool for the next several days. we have a big-time art glass that is coming with by this storm system developing around alaska and plunging into california tuesday and wednesday. winds could be up and over 50 mi. per hour although chances for rain will be well. especially the north bay and east bay valleys the fog will come probably all the way to the ground. the highs will be in the mid '50s tomorrow with the storm system of writing this tuesday
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with a big impact being at the cold temperatures and the winds. we have a fair weather pattern over california right now and the stormy nets is going way up into alaska and then coming back down which is while the systems are very cold. this will bring a little bit of snow for the sierra but not enough to accumulate. if we look in the bay area will see low clouds in these areas and an then more.
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those who suffered losses in august napper earthquakes have until tomorrow to register for disaster assistance. until 6:00 tomorrow night assistance is available for those who register. a san jose man is in jail tonight after leading police to a dangerous chase in palo alto. the suspect was charged with possession of a dangerous weapon and scott car theft.
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a man in his 50s who was surfing was attacked by young great white shark. the shark bit him in his right hip and was between eight and 10 ft. long. researchers say regulating flame retardant is helping the people and wildlife in the bay area. this keeps household items from burning but is toxic.
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there has been a sharp decline in chemicals and birds and fish. former new york mayor rudy to suwannee had some advice for the current mayor. today is spare their day. and residents cannot burn it would deny cannot burn wood tonight. the first violation as $100 in
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the second violation is $500 to.
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>>vicki liviakis:a ferguson missouri police officer is suspended without pay. after referring to a michael brown memorial as "a pile of trash." officials say officer timothy zoll faces disciplinary action for what he said in a washington a reporter asked officer zoll about the memorial at the site where brown was killed in august. last week. someone ran over the memorial with a car and destroyed it. the newspaper quoted zoll as saying -- quote-- "i don't know that a crime has occurred" when asked about the incident. zoll also said - quote - "but a pile of trash in the middle of the street? the washington post is making a call over this?" police say zoll has admitted to making those comments to the newspaper.
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after nearly 13 years america's combat mission aft in afghanistan is almost over president released a statement today
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the longest war in american history's coming to irresponsible conclusion the president think all of the military men and women who served in afghanistan since the 911 he says their efforts have made the u.s. more secure and help the afghan people reclaim their own communities the u.s. military will continue to have a limited military presence in afghanistan federal regulations for commercial drone use likely won't be released until next year federal aviation administration officials say they want to release proposed rules before
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the end of the month but other government officials say they likely won't be released until january commercial drone flights are banned in the u.s. only a handful of companies are exempt from the ban however even after the rules are proposed will likely take another two or three years before regulations become final five people are dead after a fire at a san antonio area retirement community the fire started this morning around 6:00 a.m. crews rushed to the scene in work to get elderly residents out of windows and down ladder trucks the san antonio fire chief says the building's construction made evacuation difficult
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and it is fortunate more people did not die no word on what caused the fire we are having many technical difficulties with the video but will keep going. the sony network is now up after it was attacked by a group of hackers called a lizard squad attacked them after the movie of that interview was released.
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>>vicki liviakis: of pennsylvania shopping mall was forced to close its doors friday after hundreds of teenagers showed up. and several fights broke out a khamsin at the monroeville mall . swarms of teenage girls were kicking and punching in fights throughout the mall. swore
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police estimate that more than a thousand teenagers showed up. the mall at the encouragement of social media. two people were injured and no one was arrested. police say was clearly a misuse of social media. but now they are hoping social media will help lead to identifications and arrests. have cooperating victim's the mall reopened for business today at a heightened police presence in. the mayor of monroeville says he plans to meet with my officials on monday. to work to prevent incidents like this in the future
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a man suspected of being mentally ill allegedly stole a hearse that contained a casket in los angeles. it happened during a funeral at the south l.a. baptist church yesterday morning. police say the unoccupied hearst had its motor running when an older man jump in and took off. several funeral attendees chase down the hearse and managed to get the man to pull over the driver was taken into custody and is expected to be charged with auto theft. doctors are also evaluating his mental condition. one person is dead and two others hurt in a ferry that caught fire on the adriatic sea today. the italian navy says they believe the fire started in the garage area of. of.
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the ship was carrying over 400 passengers about 60 crew members and over 200 cars. officials say the passenger the die jump off the ferry during the fire. the others were injured from smoke inhalation and hypothermia. ships and helicopters were deployed to help in the rescue. >>brian van aken: you can see the storm front going all the way to alaska and then backed down through canada and into california
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>>vicki liviakis:our big stories tonight. it's official - jim harbaugh is out as head coach of the 49ers, the team announced that the niners and harbaugh "mutually agreed to part ways" after san francisco's 20-17 win today over the arizona cardinals. it's been reported that harbaugh will go back to coaching college football at michigan, but he hasn't confirmed that. so.after taking the team to three nfc championship games and one super bowl appearance in four years. the jim harbaugh era in san francisco is over. no word on his replacement. planes are back in the air and ships are combing the area where an air-asia passenger plane was last heard from. flight 8501 disappeared from radar sunday morning local time on a flight from indonesia to singapore. there were 162 passengers and crew on the airbus a320. authorities say the flight encountered bad weather shortly before it vanished. aviation experts hope radar from around the area may help find the missing plane. we are learning more about the man killed while riding his bicycle east of san ramon yesterday. according to the chp - the cyclist was herman shum - a 40 year old dublin man and popular teacher.
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shum was wearing a helmet when he was riding with a group of other cyclists. lost control of the bike and was ejected and landed on the road where he was struck by a truck. the chp says drug or alcohol use is not a factor in the crash. another cyclist suffered major injuries and a third suffered minor injuries. the san jose man is arrested after police chase where the man was charged with possession of a deadly weapon and car theft. a canine was finally able to catch up to the man after he fled.
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flame retardant regulations are now starting to help humans and animals. at one. the bay area had the highest worldwide pollution levels of the toxin. the chemicals were harmful to pregnant women and children. >>brian van aken: current
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temperatures are still in the '50s and the mild response spots. in the north and in the east jurors are already in the 40's. upper bay and east bay will be in the 30's while on the coast it will be loaded mid-40s. tomorrow we will have this arctic storm getting close to us which is now in canada but it will get to us by tuesday with a chance for an isolated shower but the biggest impact will be colder temperatures and winds of up to over 50 mi. per hour.
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you can see the system up and or again it will move into the sierra through early tuesday morning and it's kinda hard to see but we have a few blips of green that many isolated showers. it will be mainly sunny day for tuesday with blustery winds especially for the afternoon and the strongest winds are going into the north bay everywhere will have gusty winds. through the west of the week the wins will come down.
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>>vicki liviakis: the traffic is surprisingly light even though people are coming back home from grandma's house to christmas.
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the holiday season is here, which means it's time for the volkswagen sign-then-drive event. for practically just your signature, you could drive home for the holidays in a german-engineered volkswagen. like the sporty, advanced new jetta... and the 2015 motor trend car of the
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year all-new golf. if you're wishing for a new volkswagen this season... just about all you need is a finely tuned... pen. hurry in to the sign then drive event and get a five-hundred dollar new year's bonus on select new volkswagen models. offer ends january 2nd. >>vicki liviakis: eurasia flight 8501 is now missing air asia flight 8501 is missing 162
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people were on board that flight and it was going from indonesia to singapore and simply of vanished over the java sea. the ceo of the company says experts do not know enough to comment on the the experience. they believe though that flight 8501 crashed in heavy traffic area with shallow waters. many areas are joining in even deploying military forces to help find a plan.
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hundreds of police officers turn their backs on the new york city more mayors of talks at a police officer's funeral. new york city police commissioner said that the officers' behavior was inappropriate. a surfer is suffering minor injuries after being attacked by a juvenile shot shark around 1130 this morning. he was one of several surfers and the water time but was able to paddle to assure shore. officials say the beach does remain open but there are signs warning people of the attack
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>>vicki liviakis: a server suffering minor injuries after he was attacked by a juvenile why shark. jim harbaugh is also out as coach of the san francisco forty-niners. management and the coach had a mutual agreement to part ways off. jim harbaugh could be coaching football at michigan but he is avoiding discussing the topic. either way jim harbaugh coaching the 49ers is done and the harbaugh era is over.
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air asia flight 8501 had disappeared flying from indonesia to singapore and had 162 passengers including children. aviation experts are hoping to find a flight which vanished. and we're learning more about the man who is killed while a riding his bike. the cyclist was wearing a helmet and was riding with a group of about 50 this 60 cyclists and loss control of his bike and was ejected with landed on a road and then struck by a truck. the chp says drugs and alcohol are not factors in the crash.
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>>brian van aken: we have some very light winds around the bay area tonight. spare the airline is in it for tonight with no wood burning tonight. gusty winds are coming back which will help improve the air quality. this is a time lapse from the san the tail bridge and please notice some low clouds pushing into the bay for tonight and the low clouds could come all the way down to the ground and inland valleys making for low visibility for the morning commute.
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all locations really have a chance for some of this heavy fog. jurors today were in the cool side with mid to upper 50s for the temperature. but the clouds for the morning and sunshine for the afternoon. it will take a little while for the clouds to clear but look for sunshine in the afternoon and readings for the same as what we have today. you can see this storm front in canada is coming straight down the coastline. it will bring a blast of cold temperatures and to tuesday afternoon with gusty winds of up
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to 50 m.p.h. no really big storms as far as reyna on the horizon. there could be some heavy fog and low visibility on i 80 and also on highet fight for life for i 4. tomorrow will be generally a mild day with temperatures in the mid to upper 50s which is about as warm as it will get this week with temperatures getting cooler tuesday and wednesday with that punch of
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arctic air from the cold storm up north. the morning temperatures break even in to the low to mid-20s in some areas. today is spare the verde where residents can now burned would not matter how will call the gets. this is the fifth asperity air day of the season. holmes the use of wood stoves for heat are exempt. police arrested a man who is accused of exposing himself and sallow palo alto. police
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received a call from a woman who saw the man exposing himself. when the officers arrested the suspect he had methamphetamines and other paraphernalia. it's not too hard to figure out what you do with a hundred dollars. we might be surprised how this homeless man decided to spend it.
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cameras secretly recorded how he would spend money. allison caustic shows how the man unknowingly to fight stereotypes. when you to start joseph pollard lynn famous for making prank videos like sex with your girlfriend and mafia murder came up with the idea to give a homeless man $100. . it wasn't he wanted to track how the homeless man would spend the cash. with a promise than a hundred well when weighted secretly filmed. mann's first stop after getting the money? a liquor store loaded down with to fullbacks from the liquor store the man makes his way. to way park followed up all along by lin and his camera. inside the bags and a liquor no booze just food. a man with nothing to get caught giving all that he has.
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and lynn of the things you to prankster left speechless a video made it the idea of exposing the homeless. this simply exposing a man who defies stereotypes. a fund-raising page has been started helped a man get back on his feet. in just a few days almost $120,000 have been donated
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>>vicki liviakis: city officials say that a bacteria which attack the stomach is breaking out. it is a fast-growing bacteria that causes diarrhea and has affected many homeless people.
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new legislation in california could impact drivers under the influence. this legislation could have under the influence of drivers install a high breathalyzer like technology in their car. some bay area public transit agencies are going to help new year's eve party years to get home with free rides from the 8:00 tonight until 5:00 in the morning. just don't tagger clipper card because you'll be charged if you do.
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the rate for more cold weather as a blast of cold air is coming our way. >>brian van aken: you may have noticed the past couple of mornings there's a chill in the house and we're going to have more of that as we go through this week as we have a blast of air coming right from the arctic. normally these of fabrics come into the midwest and east but the air is pushing it right into california. in the new year we may have temperatures in the '20s and '30s. good night everybody!
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"a big job ahead of him" and there's harbaugh leaving the


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